Gruppenprojekt 2017

In their collaborative work ‚Back to the Beautiful. Participatory and Performative Actions in Three Rooms’ the Salzburg based artists Sandra Chatterjee and Tomaž Simatović will enter into a dialogue with the visitors. Their work evolves around ways of migration, borders, rituals, protest, power and empowerment. In a series of artistic interventions taking place in the Kavernen, a studio and finally on the dancefloor of republic, people, movement and text converge. In between scientists are creating spaces of discourse and artistic proposals with their lectures by asking ‘How to Empower Anything With What?’. The evening culminates into a Party of social spaces, while savoring good food, massages and the proposals of a DJ.

With Sandra Chatterjee, Nikita Dhawan, Stefan Kaegi, Cynthia Ling Lee, Marissa Lobo, Post Natyam Collective, Tomaž Simatović, Tomaž Tomljanović (among others).

BACK TO THE BEAUTIFUL is the collective project of the first university course ‘Curating in the Performing Arts’ (Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg / Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in cooperation with SZENE Salzburg and the Kooperationsschwerpunkt ‘Wissenschaft und Kunst’.

Curators of the first university course ‘Curating in the Performing Arts’: Anna Donderer, Helena Eckert, Ann-Kathrin Franke, Valerie Goehring, Petra Hazabent, Michael Koeck, Philipp Krüger, Sebastian Linz, Theresa Maria Pointner, Anja Prietl, Nikola Schellmann, Nicola Scherer, Tobias Schuster, Mona Schwitzer, Simone Seymer, Julia Stoff, Ana Zirner
Project support: Angela Glechner