Lisa Florentine Schmalz

Lisa Florentine Schmalz (*1991) considers the search for an open and contemporary approach to music drama and opera to be intrinsic to her artistic work. She studied classical voice at the music universities in Hamburg and Zürich. She has been engaged as a singer by the Opera Kiel (Oper Kiel),Theater Bremen (Theater Bremen), the National Theater of Mannheim (Nationaltheater Mannheim), Young Opera Berlin (Junge Deutsche Oper Berlin) and the „Opera Stabile“ in the Hamburg State Opera (Hamburgische Staatsoper.) Alongside this work as a singer, she continually works in contemporary music drama productions, that require a broader understanding and contextualization of „performance“. In this area of work, she is often to be found on the stages of the Hamburg Thalia Theater and Kampnagel. She was a recipient of the „Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“ (a national study grant scheme) and the Claussen- Simon-Stiftung (Claussen Simon grant scheme.) In the last years she has taken a more active role in directing and creating performance projects of her own, and throughout this work she places great importance on the empowerment of female singers as a vital theme. She is a member of the music drama collective membra.

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