Nicola Scherer

Nicola Scherer studied fine art and performing art in Braunschweig and cultural management in Vienna. With the art collective km/h she founded the transdisciplinary art festival Beyond the Frame in Vienna ( 2021 she published her PhD Thesis Narrative internationaler Theaterfestivals. Kuratieren als kulturpolitische Strategie. In her research she focuses on international performing art festivals and their contribution to the idea of a Transcultural Society and Performing Citizenship. She is interested in Arts Education Programs as well Arts Education Research and is an active member of the Network for Arts Education Research ( She has also formed over ten years of experience as an artist, curator and cultural manager through her art collective space ensemble and its exhibitions, and through performing art and art education projects between Berlin, Braunschweig, Vienna and San Francisco.


phone: +49(0)176 – 998 19 320 [CET]