Petra Hazabent

Petra Hazabent (1983) graduated at the Faculty of Social Science in Ljubljana, direction Science of Culture and already underneath her diploma she begun researching cultural policy models in the EU, which she later implemented in different studies for the non-governmental sector in the field of culture and art. In 2005 she was part of the team, which initiated the first International Festival of Contemporary Dance called Nagib in Maribor. In 2010 she took over the direction of the festival and in 2014 re-organized it into a season as the first continuous program in the field of performing arts in Maribor. Between 2013 and 2015 she co-initated an international exchange between Slovenia, Australia and Croatia. In the last two years she is part of the project “The Idea of ​​Antidepressivew Wear”, which combines design, fashion, photography and performance and was suppored by Tanzrecherche NRW, HTA & Frankfurt Lab, Blaues House and Ruhrtriennale 2016. In 2015 we expanded the season with radio broadcasts and theoretical gatherings as formats for reflection, contextualisation and theory of contemporary art. In 2015 she has received the Ksenija Hribar Prize for special achivements as a producer.