Sara Ostertag

Sara Ostertag (*1985) is born in Vienna. She works in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands as a freelance theatre maker and curator. Until now her artistic practice oscillates between different formats within the field of theatre, mainly for young audience. Now she wants to bring her focus more to curating with a special focus on art for young audience. As of 2014 until 2017 she is associate director at the state theatre in Mainz (GE). Where she develops different projects with the ensemble, the Orchestra and people from Mainz– mainly with a focus on the city and or the region. In Mainz she is currently curating the programme “In Zukunft: Mainz”, a festival dealing with Utopia and visions of future at the State theatre and the University of Mainz. In The project will involve around 40 students and various people from the city, as well as actors from the ensemble and experts from different fields. She is one oft the founders of makemake produktionen a freelance theatre collective in Vienna. The collective works with a special focus on young audience and intergenerational theatre work. For ASSITEJ Austria she organises and curates workshops, talks and network events in the field of art education and theatre for young Audience. She further works for the state theater Oldenburg and the state theatre Mainz, the Festival Wien Modern Philharmonie Luxemburg and Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Landes Theater Vorarlberg, Landes Theater Niederösterreich and Campo Gent. In 2015 she got the Theodor Körner Award for research based art works, Start-Stipendium and, is a holder of the Dance Web scholarship 2015. Starting in 2017 she will be artistic director/curator of the SCHÄXPIR festival Linz (AT), one of the biggest European festivals for young audience.

For the university course Curating in the Performing Arts she was granted a (part-)scholarship from the Allianz Kulturstiftung.